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Privacy, Convenience and Security

Imagine a solution that settles to you in 5 minutes not 5-10 days, with complete privacy, convenience and security, designed specifically for merchants in all High Risk verticals (Except for Gambling). No Reserve accounts need to be maintained, No delays in funding, Super-fast approval process, (15 minutes for Domestic merchants and 1 hour for International merchants)

If you need reliable payment processing, with a processor that understands your business, you have come to the right place. We are committed to your success, offering the services you deserve at the rates you expect.

atm deposit

Depending on your financial institution, got to you ATM’s location and perform the deposit according to the instruction for that location. Some will just allow you to log into your account with your debit card associated with the account and insert the check with out a deposit slip and some may require a deposit slip. Contact your financial institution if you have questions on the use of ATM depositing.

bank deposit

The main difference in the way checks are deposited is, that the Plain Paper check requires most bank tellers to manually input the routing number and account number into their system from the bottom of the check. The MICR printed check is able to be scanned by the Magnetic Scanner used by the teller. We recommend the MICR version if you will have a large volume of checks to deposit.

mobile deposit

Depositing checks via a mobile app is becoming more and more popular as technologies in banking advance. Chances are that your financial institution has an app for that. Contact them to get started with mobile deposit. Once you are set up, the process is as simple as taking a picture!

COURIER deposit

Using our Courier services to make the deposit for you, you no longer need to print your checks or go to the bank when you are busy. We take care of that from our end and deliver them to your financial institution for crediting to your account. For this service to be used you must bank with the large national financial institutions like Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Chase, US Bank, Wachovia etc.


This type of account requires specific measures be met. Upon approval we will establish a Virtual Checking Account on your behalf that your sales can be deposited into. Once the deposit is in your Push Cheque account you can access the funds from the Visa Branded card we will issue you. This is great for those merchants that don’t have or can not acquire traditional banking relationships.

RDC Deposit

Print your check with either a plain paper printer, or a MICR printer with Magnetic Ink and Blank Check Stock. Which ever way you decide is best for your business, the process of depositing the check using your RDC Scanner offered by your financial institution is the same. Since an RDC imager reads the check and does not rely on the type of the ink used, the RDC scans the check without preference to the printed method.

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